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    輕騎凱迪拉克125女裝摩托車 兩輪摩托車跨騎摩托車 廠家批發

    發布日期:2022年4月19日    江門市樂騎摩托車貿易有限公司

    輕騎集團-秉承“以**為本,以營銷為先,以管理為魂” 的經營理念。












    Q1. Why the prices is different?

    Its up to what kind of configuration you want.

    Q2.why we so confident on our motorcycle?

    on the one hand ,we have advanced techololy ; on the other hand ,the price is competitive.

    Q3.if you have other requrement ,what should you do ?

    whatever requirement ,we can make you satisfied.

    Q4.whats the payment?

    we usually use TT and L/C.

    Q5.what time about the delivery ?

    with 30 days after we receive the deposit or L/C.

    Honestly, it depends on the quantity and the season you place the order. It is about 10 to 20 working days. Generally speaking, we suggest that you start inquiry two months before the date you would like to get the products at your country.

    Q6.which color will be used?

    Q7. Can I order one container mix different models ?

    Yes, we can. For 20ft container, you can mix 2 different model.

    For 40ft container, you can mix 3 different model.e

    general use the most popular color ,but if you have other choise ,we can accept. Our Services We are always on line, so if you have any interest or question,please contact us and we will answer you .

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